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Deep Neck Lift

You may look younger, feel better, and avoid feeling fatigued all day long with the aid of a proper neck lift.
Let us help you feel confident again and also help restore the youthful shape and feel of the neck, making it appear more youthful and smooth.

What is Deep Neck Lift?

A deep neck lift is a surgical operation that tightens, shapes, and enhances the neck’s features. To create a smooth definition, the layers of the neck, including the skin, muscle, fat, glands, and connective tissue, are elevated during a deep neck lift. The result is a neckline and jawline that is appealing and elegant.

What does it address?

A deep neck lift shapes the neckline and jawline by addressing the features of the neck, including the skin, muscle, fat, connective tissue, and glands.

How Long Does it Last?

A thorough neck lift should last 10 to 15 years. After healing is complete, the layers of skin, muscle, and fat in the neck will continue to age normally.

What is the Recovery Time?

The majority of patients can resume healthy and active work in 7 to 14 days, and they can resume exercising after about a month.

Am I a Candidate For Deep Neck Lift?

A deep neck lift is best suited to younger patients under 40 with genetically heavy necks since it is intended to lift the neck contours without addressing loose, sagging skin. The ideal candidates for a deep plane facelift, which is carried out in conjunction with a deep neck lift, are patients over 40 who are afflicted with loose, sagging skin. The following conditions should be met by ideal deep neck lift candidates: are physically healthy, have no significant medical issues, and have reasonable expectations for the outcomes of a deep neck lift treatment.

Deep Neck Lift Procedure

Your cosmetic goals will be carefully discussed during a thorough consultation with Dr. Artur Diaz Carandell, who will also thoroughly explain the treatment after inspecting your skin and neck. Your surgical and medical histories will be explored by Dr. Artur Diaz Carandell as well.
A general anesthetic will be used throughout your treatment. Your neck will be slowly, softly numbed with local anesthesia as the sedative takes effect, and sterile cloths will be wrapped around your face and neck. Dr. Artur Diaz Carandell will instead create a single 1-inch incision concealed behind the chin, as opposed to the conventional facelift procedure, which involves making many incisions around the ears.
In order to create a smooth, exquisite neckline and jawline, he will raise the layers of the neck using this incision. Dr. Artur Carandell will do neck and under-chin fat removal, neck lift surgery, and neck muscle tightening.
The surgery for your deep neck lift will last roughly an hour.


It will take 4-6 months to get the final results. You’ll be able to engage in intense activity at that point. Over the course of six months to a year, your scar, which is nicely hidden in the wrinkles under the chin, will vanish.
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