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Dr. Artur Carandell Invited as a Guest Speaker at One of the Best Face-lifts Courses in the World:

Mendelson Deep Plane Face Lift and Mayo Clinic Aesthetic Facial Contouring Hands-on Surgical Skills

Dr. Artur Carandell gave a conference at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. USA. on August 3rd 2023 in front of an international audience. Dr Carandell also had the chance to visit again his beloved Rochester, where he studied in High- school and also part of his Medical School.
During his lecture “Deep Plane Face-lift. Incorporating Mendelson Spaces to improve safety”, Dr. Artur Carandell focused on safety of this procedure and emphasized the importance of achieving natural-looking and long lasting results in deep plane face-lift surgery. This includes meticulous attention to facial anatomy and a deep understanding of each patient’s individual needs and desires.
The Mendelson MAFAC course is one of the best in the world in this field. Dr. Carandell talk was focus on the deep plane face-lift technique, described by professor Bryan Mendelson. Many thanks to the MAFAC team, specially to Dr. Basel Sharaf and Dr. Mendelson.
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