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Lower Blepharoplasty

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A common reason that makes one self-conscious about one’s appearance is the lower eyelids. The youth’s smooth, rounded, uninterrupted contours give place to middle age’s wrinkles and deep valleys (also known as “dark circles”). The epidermis of the lower eyelid and the sides of the cheek often deteriorate at a comparable rate.

How is Lower Blepharoplasty Done?

This procedure requires having some of the extra fat on the lower eyelids removed. Additionally, the majority call for the replenishment of lost fat in the tear trough or valley that causes the “dark circle”. Some individuals may need cautious skin excision or lower eyelid skin tightening with a laser due to severe skin wrinkling. Dr. Artur will spend some time talking with you about these options to make sure they match your unique aesthetic objectives.

Should I Get Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Done?

Dr. Artur will ask you what bothers you about your lower eyelids during your consultation for lower eyelid surgery. He may also ask you to discuss other areas of your face, like your upper eyelids and lower eyelid muscular strength. You’ll probably be asked by Dr. Artur to describe in detail what you’d like to modify. The key to successful outcomes is being able to pinpoint exactly what should be done.

Recovery & Results

With eyelid surgery, pain is typically minimal or nonexistent. Most people take Paracetamol or nothing at all, and during the first few days, you’ll be instructed to keep your head elevated and use intermittent cold compresses.
At this time, you will only be somewhat swelled and bruised. Lower eyelid surgery does not require the use of bandages, and the majority of patients won’t have any sutures or obvious scars. Usually, the pinkness disappears within 3–4 months. Lower eyelid surgery is one of the most long-lasting facial cosmetic treatments, albeit the longevity of results is dependent on many factors such as lifestyle, genetics, and sun protection.
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