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Botuline Toxine

Botuline Toxine is a miracle procedure that eliminates crow’s feet, frown lines, and worry lines. Additionally, it enhances and prolongs the effects of laser skin treatments and injectable fillers. Effects continue for three to six months and treatments are almost painless. Dr. Artur Diaz Carandell clinic performs the best aesthetic Botuline Toxine in town!

Wrinkle-Reduction Botuline Toxine

Botuline Toxine is most effective for wrinkles that arise directly from muscular contraction. Crow’s feet and “11” lines on the forehead are a couple of the lines that Botuline Toxine can successfully cure. These lines will eventually get softer with continued use, and they might even vanish.
Glycolic peels or dermal fillers are typically more effective treatments for wrinkles in other parts of the face, like the laugh lines, cheekbones, or under the eyes.


Will my normal facial expressions get changed?

You won’t lose your natural facial expressions, I assure you. A great Botuline Toxine results in a younger, more relaxed appearance rather than a frozen one. When used correctly, Botuline Toxine will relax the muscle groups that contribute to wrinkles and frown lines but won’t affect your ability to make other natural facial expressions.

Will I have to get It done again and again?

The effects of Botuline Toxine treatment typically last 3 to 4 months, after which the muscles that contribute to wrinkles such as frown lines become completely functional once more. The majority of patients decide to continue the procedure at that time in order to keep their results. But for those who don’t, their face features and muscular movement will remain consistent with how they were before receiving the Botuline Toxine treatment.

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