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The technique of making a protruding, misshaped, or unattractive nose appear more normal is known as Rhinoplasty or nasal sculpting. A noticeable bulge, a sagging or hooped tip, or crookedness might draw attention away from your superior features and toward the nose. Once these flaws are fixed, the gaze and smile may take center stage.

How is Rhinoplasty done?

You shouldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your treatment, not even water, snacks, or gum. Following that, comfortable oxygen and blood pressure monitors will be placed on your finger and arm, and massaging air-filled stockings will be applied to your legs and thighs to promote excellent circulation while you are lying in bed. Local anesthesia will be applied to your nose slowly and softly. As the sedative takes effect, sterile towels will be wrapped over your face and neck. Only when you are completely asleep will Dr. Artur start the surgery, and he will be finished before you’re conscious.

Should I get a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Artur will inquire about your concerns regarding your nose during your rhinoplasty consultation and what you specifically want to be modified. The key to successful outcomes is being able to pinpoint exactly what must be addressed! Then, in order to obtain the best outcomes, Dr. Artur will carefully inspect your entire face, including the inside and outside of your nose, and perform the procedure accordingly.

Recovery & Results

The majority of patients experience zero pain right away following surgery. Because of the sutures, you can notice a little swelling. Your nose will get better and better over the coming weeks and months. While the majority of patients are content with their breathing and aesthetics after a few weeks, internal and external puffiness takes 12 months to completely resolve.
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