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Hair Transplant Treatment

With Sapphire and
DHI Combination Technique

Let your hair do the talking
Baldness can significantly alter a person’s outlook. A person’s self-confidence might suffer from thinning and receding hair, which can be concerning. People can permanently regain their youth and confidence with an aesthetically pleasing hair transplant process. Dr. Artur is fully dedicated to providing hair loss treatment to people of all races and ethnicity in Spain and Bahrain.

What is the Follicular Unit
Extraction Technique (FUE)?

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is a hair transplantation procedure in which the practitioner prepares and opens up microscopic channels on the scalp and inserts the hair roots taken from the donor site into these canals one by one. The FUE process doesn’t involve cutting or stitching like the FUT method. The FUE method provides the most natural-looking results and guarantees that the grafts blend perfectly with the existing hair.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

Dr. Artur performed the FUE procedure with the sapphire and also DHI (direct hair implantation) technique. Firstly local anesthesia will be applied to the donor and recipient area. Then he takes hair roots from the donor site with a micromotor punch.
Then a blade made of sapphire stone is used to create the tiny channels in the recipient’s site. The hair graft was inserted into the precise canals with a DHI (Choi implanter pens). The hair graft is entirely protected on all sides by the implanter pen which encloses it. The whole process will take 4-8 hours.

Recovery & Results

Follicular unit extraction is a surgically invasive method that takes some time to heal. Following the day of treatment, we will examine and bandage the treated area. After a few weeks, the hair will grow and lose, which is temporary. After that, the hair regrows now that will be permanent. The hair growth varies from person to person and will take 6-12 months to grow and give a natural look.

Can I Get a Hair Transplant?

Several parts play a part in making FEU transplants successful. The doctor will analyze your hair, medical history, and other factors during consultation before beginning a hair transplant.to make a hair transplant decision for you, your surgeon will look at the following aspects.
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