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Chemical Peel

Peel to reveal the brighter and younger you
Chemical peels are procedures that exfoliate the skin to reveal a more youthful, glowing appearance. Peel’s smooth fine wrinkles, regenerate collagen, and give the face a lighter appearance by promoting new skin growth. Dr. Artur Diaz Carandell provides customized chemical peel services to rejuvenate their patient’s skin in Bahrain and Spain.

What Does A Chemical Peel Do?

Revive Damaged, Aged Skin

Improve your skin's youthful appearance by reducing fine lines, sun damage, and wrinkles.

Get Rid Of Discoloration

To expose a more even skin tone and complexion and facilitate the disappearance of redness, discolorations, and blemishes.

Resolve The Problem Of Acne

Assist in restoring the skin's natural oil balance, resulting in a more uniform, clearer appearance and less redness and irritation.

Types Of Chemical Peel

Our aesthetician uses three basic types of chemical peel to cater to your skin’s needs

Superficial Peel

Alpha-hydroxy acid or similar mild acids penetrate only the outer layer of the skin to exfoliate gently. It refreshes the face, hands, and neck and improves moderate skin discoloration and roughness.

Medium Peel

Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid penetrates the outer and middle skin layers to remove damaged cells. The treatment improves age spots, freckles, fine lines, and moderate skin discoloration. It can treat actinic keratosis and smooth rough skin.

Deep Peel

In deep peel, Trichloroacetic acid or phenol deeply penetrates the middle layer of the skin to remove damaged cells. It reduces minor wrinkles, age spots, small scars, and freckles. You will feel a dramatic improvement in your skin.

How Is Chemical Peel Done?

Each consultation begins with a thorough skin analysis to determine the optimal chemical peel. The aesthetician will then “dermaplane” eight to ten layers of dead skin from your face. Next, a liquid peeling agent is gently applied for two to five minutes, depending on your skin type.
After the chemical peel, the aesthetician will clean your pores, and apply a relaxing mask, moisturizer, and sunscreen. After that, Dr. Artur Diaz will customize a skin care plan to maintain and enhance your skin’s glow.
In order to create a smooth, exquisite neckline and jawline, he will raise the layers of the neck using this incision. Dr. Artur Carandell will do neck and under-chin fat removal, neck lift surgery, and neck muscle tightening.
The surgery for your deep neck lift will last roughly an hour.

Results of Treatment

Chemical Peel skin rejuvenation outcomes are practically instantaneous yet obvious after ten days. As collagen production increases, your skin will improve.
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